PerceptiVU, Inc.
Automated Motion Tracking Software
Automated Motion Tracking Software (AMT) is the latest software to be offered by PerceptiVU.  AMT enables you to track an object in motion as it moves within a fixed camera scene with an adaptable camera (Pan-Tilt).  When the system senses a target in motion within the fixed camera scene, the adaptable camera tracks the target as it moves within the scene.  Multiple fixed cameras can be connected to the system to enlarge the area covered by the adaptable camera.

The technology is based on acquiring an object in motion.  Its automated by being able to run fully independently and automatically, acquiring objects in motion and tracking without user intervention, once the software is set and calibrated.  In situations where there are multiple potential targets, the user can select the one of greatest interest.

The purpose of the software is that once it is locked on to an object in motion, it can guide the adaptable camera to track and zoom in to obtain a high resolution image of the target. 

Security and Surveillance:
    •    Tracking Cars/People in Parking Lots/Public Places
    •    After-Hours Surveillance
    •    Perimeter Security and Defense
    •    Port Security

Automated Tracking of a Person and a Car (Click Image to View Video) - Automated Tracking of a Car and a Person (Click Image to View Video)